Why Use A Licensed Tallahassee Locksmith?

Using a Licensed Tallahassee Locksmith just makes sense!

Licensed Tallahassee Locksmith picking door lock to unlock the door

It’s tough to know who the best Licensed Tallahassee Locksmith is in your area. Most people call a locksmith when they absolutely need a locksmith. At that point, you have no time to research their credibility or skills. Especially if you’re locked out of your car, or need a lock rekey same day.

Why Call A Licensed Locksmith?

Seriously, what does it matter? You may ask yourself. I just need a fast and cheap locksmith. Someone that can get here in 20 minutes and not charge me a lot. You may be thinking, I just got my paycheck and I don’t want to give it all away because I locked my keys in my car, my key broke, or I need my locks changed.

Without sounding like your parents, we want you to be safe and smart. The world is a dangerous place and there are scams happening every day. A little education can go a long way. Fake locksmith scam stories are being reported on more and more because it’s big business. Check out this screen shot of a simple Google search that people do hundreds of time per month. This was done in Richmond, VA but we were trying to show the ads you might see in Tallahassee FL. Google does offer different results for almost every person, depending on their search history and so forth. While you may not see these ads, the point remains. These ads are promising 15 minute responses and low prices.

locksmith tallahassee search

Adwords Google Search – Fake Locksmiths

Lock and Key Tips from Clayton Lock & Key

Call a licensed locksmith. Wait a minute, Florida doesn’t require locksmiths to have a license! Not only that, only about 17 States require locksmiths to have a license. So how are you protected as a consumer? You really aren’t. Not as much as you should be. There are very few companies out there that care about your safety when you need a locksmith. 1800-Unlocks and Fair Trade Locksmith Directory are the top two companies that verify each business. Clayton Lock & Key is part of these directories. This means we have insurance, have undergone a background check, charge fair prices, and we don’t use false advertising tactics to bait you into calling. ALOA is a non-profit organization that we are also a member of. ALOA is trying to help push locksmith license legislation. Having a license doesn’t give you 100% protection either. There are some unsavory companies that hold a locksmith license but still conduct business immorally. That’s why 1800-Unlocks and Fair Trade Locksmith Directory also use peer review to check into companies. This means other locksmiths have vouched for a new member’s professionalism.

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